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Alexandru Patrichi Architect


APa is a fresh and dynamic studio offering architecture, hand crafted model-making, design and consulting services based in the heart of Brussels. Inspired by minimalist ideals, clean lines and sustainable design, APa offers a personalised approach to your building project, tailored to your needs and responsibly executed.


The belief that architecture has the ability to push the limits of innovation and to influence people’s lives creates both a motivation and presents unique challenges with each scenario. In every case a delicate balance must be found.

Architecture should be respectful of context and be integrated in its local culture.Each project is the result of a thorough research and tries to push the boundaries of design and thinking, is guided by the purity of forms and attention to detail while providing quality spaces.

Sustainability is paramount in the development of a project, creating a better setting for the users, minimizing the impact on the environment and reducing the cost of maintenance over time.

  • Architect
Rue Ernest Allard
Brussel Brussel
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Alexandru Patrichi

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